New York rapper and vocalist Escoleone, debuted his musical talents shortly after his extensive Active Duty military career with his emotional tale “Blame” which proved to be one of the many excellent moments of what was coming to be for the independent artist. Following this single with two others, Escoleone caused great anticipation to his entry EP “Memoirs”. This project narrates struggles and principals that anybody from underprivileged environments can relate to.

“Memoirs” sets the palette of rich and lively production that beautifully illuminates the powerful and prominent delivery Escoleone revels in. It only takes twenty minutes to listen to every inch of this project – making the replay value incredibly high – Escoleone creates a perfect infusion of the artist’s creativity and the instrumentation – truly every aspect has been paid painstaking detail to. -Jamsphere Magazine

Following Escoleone’s debut EP he surprised his audience with a new single that once again grabbed the hearts of his fans as he shared the story of the tough decisions he faced after his father was murdered. This track "Heir" was released on September 30th 2019, which marked the 12th year anniversary of his father’s death; This piece provides a look into Escoleone’s new Album which is set to be released in March of 2021.

NOTE: Lookout for Escoleone's brand new single "Rollercoaster” featuring CG Vonny Out Now!